Principles of personal
data processing

Good morning, we are pleased that you have visited our website and also by your interest in our services.

We take your personal data protection very seriously and we would like you to feel good when you visit our website. Protection of your privacy during personal data protection is a very important issue for us, which we take into account during our business processes. Personal data which are collected during your visit of our website are processed in accordance with law. number 101/2000 Sb. Personal data protection.

We are responsible for their protection and security.

Familiarize yourself, please, with personal data protection, principles and rights, which you have in connection with GDPR (General data protection regulation).



Didaktik-CZ s.r.o. adopts technical and organizational measures to protect personal data against manipulation, loss, destruction and unauthorized intrusion.


Right for information

Within 14 days, on your request Didaktik-CZ s.r.o will provide in writing which personal data of you (if any) is recorded. If the recorded information was incorrect despite our effort for up-to-dateness and correctness of data, we will correct it on demand.

If you have any questions regarding your personal data procession, you can contact us at We are available not only in case you need you information but also in case of sending us stimulus or complaint.

We declare, that as a administrator of your personal data, we meet all legal duties required by valid legislation, especially by GDPR – general data protection regulation, and that:

we will process your personal data only based on valid legal reason, primarily authorized interest, fulfilment of contract, legal duty or grant agreement,

according to article 13 GDPR we fulfil information duty before even before we start processing personal data,

we enable you and support you in exercising your rights based on GDPR – general data protection regulation.





Acquiring and processing personal data

We record personal data only if you provide us with them of your own will. For example, based on your demand. order, contract or other legal purpose. Next, when our workers negotiate and make a deal or provide and realize service.


Using and forwarding personal data

We process personal data in connection with provided services and for ensuring all activities required for their fulfilment. Next, for our inner needs, for protection of our rights and interests protected by law, for assessing our business activity, for improving quality of our services and increasing satisfaction of our customers.

Forwarding personal data to state facilities and authorities comes only after within binding legal regulations. Our co-workers and businessman from our side are sworn to secrecy and discretion.



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You can deactivate using cookies in your internet browser.


Scope or personal data and purposes of processing

We process/I process personal data, which you confide to us/me alone and for following reasons (to fulfil these purposes):

  • Providing services, fulfilling contract


Your personal data in the following scope: e-mail, first name, surname, phone number, address. We necessarily need this to fulfil contract (handling orders, contract for work, delivery note, delivery of goods, etc.)

  • bookkeeping


If you are our customers, we necessarily need our personal data (data for invoices) in order to meet legal duty for issuing and record keeping tax documents.

  • Photographic documentation – photo documentation of construction sites, references of our construction


We keep your personal data during period of limitation, if the law does set a longer period to keep it or if we did not state otherwise.


Providing personal data to third party

During providing services we forward personal data to external receivers in the following categories: business partners and other companies which ensure providing expert services for us, or realize business or other contractual activity

With your consent, we provide personal data to our business partners, subjects in public power and state authorities when fulfilling legal duties


Providing personal data beyond the EU

All personal data processing will be done within the EU.


Your rights in connection with personal data protection

In connection with personal data protection, you have a number of rights. If you would like to apply a rule, please, contact us by e-mail You have right for information, which is fulfilled also by this informational website which contents personal data processing principles. Thanks to right to access, you can ask us any time and within 30 days we will provide you information which of your personal data we process and why. If there is any change or you find your personal data not un-to-date or complete, you have right to complete and change it.


Right for limited processing

You can apply right for limited processing if you believe, that we process inaccurate data of if we perform illegal data processing, but you do not want to delete all data or if you raise an objection against processing. You can limit the scope of personal data or the purpose of processing.


Right for transferability

If you want to take your personal data and take it to somebody else, we will act the same way we act when applying right to access – the only difference is that we will provide you with data mechanically legible form. Here I/we need at least a period of 30 days


Right to erasure

Your next right is right to erasure. If you wish so, you have full right for it. In this case we erasure all your personal data from our system and also from our systems of our subcontractors and from advances. To ensure this right we need 7 days. In some cases we are bound by legal duty and for example we must keep issued tax documents as long as specified by the law. In this case we erase all personal data which is not bound by any law. We will inform you about completing the erasure by e-mail.


Complaint at the office for personal data protection

If you have a feeling that we do not handle your data according to the law, you have right to file a complaint at the office for personal data protection. We will be happy if you first inform us about your suspicion, so that we can do something about it and possibly rectify the mistake.


Company Didaktik-CZ s.r.o.
identification number: 25253689 will by 25th of May 2018, so by the day when regulation of European parliament and Council (EU) 2016/679 regarding natural person protection in connection to personal data processing and free movement of this data and also repealing guideline 95/46/ES (hereinafter referred to as „Regulation“) GDPR, come into effect, will dispose of necessary resources to support fulfilling requirements placed by the Regulation to administrator and processor of personal data.